Why Should We Read Nahj al-Balagha? – Part 2

Why Should We Read Nahj al-Balagha? – Part ۲




nahj al-Balagha

Why Should We Read Nahj al-Balagha?

Nahj al Balaghah unknown treasure
The name of God the Merciful
First: God said in the surah of Mobarake Yasin :”And every thing we count in a clear imam” and his messenger on the day of Ghadir khom – while the hand of Amir al-Momenin was raised by Ali son Abi Talib, he said: “And he is the eminent Imam”.
Therefore, “And everything we counted in the Amir al Momenin” means all the sciences in the floor of Ali son Abi Talib.
second: The way of knowing and exploiting the science of Amir al-Momenin, should study him, because he himself said: “One is hidden under his tongue”, That is, the personality of each person is under language and speech.
Third: What is the source of Amir Al-Momenin’s readings that are more comprehensive and beautiful than Nahj al Balaghah? Which has enthralled 1038 years of thinkers and scholars of various religions. From George Jordan and George Zidane to Sunnis son Abi al-Haid mathazli.
Fourth: Nahj al Balaghah This unique treasure after the Qur’an, like its owner, Amir al-Mu’minin, is strange and obscure among Shiites and friends. This is a secret of our backwardness while rich. What should you really do?
Global Nahj al Balagh Reading Movement
,There is a movement to eliminate this routine and the end of arrears! Find the easiest and cheapest way to enter the Nahj al Balaghah universe in this movement.
We are sure that with the help of your dear siblings and thanks to this popular movement,
Nahj al Balaghah will conquer the world.
Sixth: Suggestions for reading Nahj al-Balagha in an easy and enjoyable way:
۱٫ Read the translation.
۲٫ Read at least ten minutes at a time.
۳٫ Know what you read, the sweet and attractive parts of the Nahj al-Balaghah. You will get acquainted with Imam’s literature and speech, then we will go to the letters and, finally, to the sermons.
Then we see a large part of the Nahj al-Balaghah and we reach the father’s treasure.
۴٫ Read in the first round, do not preserve or write anything.
۵٫ Do not refer to any comment in the first round and read the

Nahj al-Balaghah. The way of communication



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